How to become a police dispatcher

Police dispatchers require being calm under pressure, capable to handle both emergency and non-emergency phone calls, and have an aspiration to help the public. This position requires that persons can rapidly assess and respond to a situation, have powerful communication and listening skills, and the capability to bring forth information from upset callers. This job requires education, training and sometimes past work experience.

“Police dispatchers take emergency calls, instruct callers with help, and send out emergency vehicles and personnel. Requirements for this job vary, as a high school diploma and on-the-job training is needed in some states, while completion of a certificate or certification program is required in others.” Read More Here

Steps to become a police Dispatcher

It is not for all time compulsory to have a degree to work as a dispatcher, but an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may be chosen by employers. You can acquire a degree in criminal justice, communications or computer science. Certification may be mandatory depending on the state. You will also require a clean criminal background and drug test, good hearing and vision. In the majority cases, a high school diploma or the corresponding is sufficient for entry-level dispatcher positions.

“One thing that makes police dispatching such a great career opportunity is the fact that there are very few minimum requirements. In fact, dispatching is one of a few criminal justice jobs you probably qualify for right now. In most states, to be eligible for a dispatching job you must be a United States citizen and be a high school graduate.” Read More Here

There has been a lot talk about the significance of the job and subsequent instructions of a police dispatcher.  In many places there are one or two dispatcher for a city police department per shift.  This incorporated answering the calls; telephone in hand, other hand on radio and eyes fixed on computer screens. For More Information Visit to how to become a police dispatcher.


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